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Our Story – The Road Less Travelled

Our spectacular nature sanctuary was created from rock, by planting thousands of trees and native plants with pick-axes and watering with buckets.  Year after year, against all odds.  We kept going, tree by tree, nurturing nature.  And we learned that nature nurtures us in return.

Wander and marvel at what once was a quarry, where wildlife now thrives and birds soar amongst the forest canopy. Mindfully wander trails artfully designed to lead you to special places. Spend time by the babbling brook, or nestled in the hanging chairs in the forest. Perhaps meditating with the lavender and wildflowers at the base of the incredible rock cliff inspires you!

Rediscover your senses and the good feeling of being connected to nature.  Give yourself permission to slow down for just a bit, to linger, to be awed, and to explore the wonders that surround you.  It’s a good place to just be. 

Why Forest Therapy?

Forest therapy is much more than just a walk in the park, and definitely not a hike! Professional training completed through both ANFT (Association of Nature and Forest Therapy) and GIFT (Global Institute of Forest Therapy) provided the certifications to professionally guide forest therapy programs. We believe our role as the guide is to open the doors to the healing powers of nature.


Barbara Rabicki - certified by the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy

Barbara Rabicki

Certified Forest Therapy Guide

Barbara is a Certified Forest Therapy Guide & Registered Yoga Teacher with additional certifications in Meditation & Trauma-informed Yoga. She has devoted her life to healing the earth through environmental stewardship. As a career Parks and Forestry professional & consultant, landscape designer, horticulturist and ISA certified arborist, she has led programs to increase tree canopy cover, create pollinator-friendly gardens, and showcase effective green gardening practices. 


Wild By Nature Forest Sanctuary - Laurie Canning

Laurie Canning

Head of Natural Lands

Laurie Canning’s childhood as a 6th generation member on the family farm instilled deep connections & respect for the earth, with fond memories of feeding the animals, playing in the forest, marvelling at birds, and enjoying homemade pies brought out to the fields at harvest time. Laurie’s environmental stewardship efforts also have deep roots, as he tends the land with respect and care for the future.

Laurie still harvests and plants for his family members every year, as well as tending to our own little organic hobby farm.

“Not all who wander are lost.”

J.R.R. Tolkein